Symptoms, cause, treatment and prevention of Dengue fever: Everything you need to know



Nowadays Dengue fever is one of the nastiest nightmares of the country. Dengue is the viral infection which is spread by the bite of Aedes aegypti mosquito and lasts for nearly about 7 to 10 days.  Most of the people recover in a week to up to 10 days by consuming paracetamol medicines for fever as well as pain. Along with it patient also drinks lots of fluids to avoid dehydration.dengue fever symptoms dengue fever rash dengue fever vaccine dengue fever treatment

dengue fever symptoms

Main Cause of Dengue

One of the many types of mosquitoes of Aedes Aegypti is the main cause of dengue fever. This is caused when the mosquito has bitten the infected person previously. Keep in mind that the spread of dengue virus cannot take place directly from one individual to another. Dengue fever is not contagious. dengue fever symptomsdengue fever rash dengue fever vaccine dengue fever treatment

dengue fever rash

Symptoms or signs of Dengue fever

Throughout the mild case of dengue fever, the majority of people especially kids and teens experience no signs or symptoms of dengue fever. People experience dengue fever symptoms after 4 to 6 days following the infected mosquito bite. Signs of dengue last for ten days approximately and includedengue fever symptoms

  • Stern headache
  • Subbed high fever
  • Severe muscle plus joint pains
  • Puffed-up lymph glands
  • Skin rashes
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Bleeding from gums and nose

Above are the symptoms of dengue at an initial stage which lasts for two to four days. After that, the second stage starts with fall in body temperature along with sweating. After that, you will feel somehow better, but it’s just a short-term recovery. As in the third stage, you will observe a rapid rise in temperature again along with rashes all over your body.dengue fever symptomsdengue fever rash dengue fever vaccine dengue fever treatment

dengue fever vaccine

Complications related to dengue fever

Complications of dengue fever are typically linked with severe dengue fever. Severe complications will include:

  • Low platelets
  • Dehydration
  • Slow heart speed
  • Low BP
  • Liver damage
  • Neurological break
  • Death

dengue fever treatment

Prevention from Dengue fever

Prevention from Dengue fever is possible as it can be prevented by stopping dengue mosquitoes from biting. As there is no antiviral medicine available for dengue virus, so we can only follow some things for dengue prevention. Below are some rules to prevent from denguedengue fever symptoms:

  • You can avoid dengue mosquitoes to breed by removing all places where they breed. Places include cups, discarded tyres, broken bottles and pots, coconut shells and many more. You should avoid water collection and also try to cover all water storage buckets, tanks, vessels etc.
  • You should spray oil or chemical on all the surrounded open water sources.
  • You can fix mosquitoes screens on windows and should also use mosquito repellents to prevent dengue mosquito from entering the house.
  • You should wear long-sleeved dresses, or you can also sleep under the mosquito net to prevent yourself from the mosquito bite.

Treatment for dengue fever

There is no specific treatment of dengue fever as the virus causes it. No antiviral medicines are recommended to treat dengue fever. For typical dengue fever treatment is the relief in signs and symptoms of dengue. Home remedies such as fluid intake as well as rest are very essential.dengue fever symptomsdengue fever rash dengue fever vaccine dengue fever treatment

 Effective Home remedies for treatment of dengue

You can also try some most effective home remedies to treat dengue fever they are as follows:

  • Papaya leaves to increase platelets

It assists in increasing the platelet count and also helping to reduce the symptoms of dengue such as getting tired, body ache as well as chills. Crush leaves and consume, or you can even drink the juice

  • Giloy to strengthen immune system

It is one of the essential herbs in Ayurveda. It assists in upholding the metabolic rate and also strengthening the immune system. Boil a stem of Giloy to treat dengue fever and sip it as the herbal drink.

  • Goldenseal to clear out dengue signs

The dried up root of Goldenseal herb is used to make dengue medicine. It has the capacity to clear dengue symptoms. Use it same as papaya leaves.

  • Turmeric to enhance metabolism

It assists to boost up metabolism and also in making the healing process faster. Sip turmeric with milk.

  • Tulsi leaves along with black pepper

To treat dengue fever makes a drink by boiling Tulsi leaves and mixes about 2 gm of black pepper in it. It assists in building up immunity and will also perform as an antibacterial agent.dengue fever symptoms

Cautious clinical exposure along with supervision of dengue patients can considerably lessen death rates from severe dengue. Make yourself updated to stay healthy.dengue fever symptomsdengue fever rash dengue fever vaccine dengue fever treatment

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