Can love happen twice ?



can love happen twiceWhen it comes to love or the mere feeling of it, people since ages and even presently have been writing about the seraphic existence of it. You’re the dreamer, and they’re your dream, You’re the believer, and they’re your belief. But they say, “its once and forever” but, is it ?can love happen twice

The age-old scholars, paramours, novelist and the society have bound you to confine your love to a single human. It is never so. Thy say “It happens once and for all” but look around amidst the despair and fury of this world, love is all what we need.can love happen twice
The lucky ones get their love, but sometimes the god’s above map an entire different world for the selected few. It is a possibility the person you love with every drop of your blood leaves willingly or by chance and us humans have no control of the thunderstorms ahead. If you love someone you would never let them go.can love happen twice


Physically they might not be with you but they’ll stay along your grave in memories, in tears, in laughs, in book, in songs, in the rains from the heavens above and in the flare of the stars in the night sky. But moving on as said is the key to the treasure of love. It doesn’t imply to forget the person you first met and decided to spend the rest of your life with but sometimes one has to suppress the existing emotions to let flow the bubbling ones. Losing your amour is always destined through breakups and deaths but that happens because god has someone else somewhere waiting for you. It’s not about cheating on your love. You aren’t cheating on someone who’s no more in contact with you and punishing yourselves in the name of love is not right.can love happen twice
Sometimes we do feel the same emotions kindling and warming our souls once again but knowing this is our twice we tend to veil our apprehensions. Love is a divine emotion and has the power to create an entire universe and us humans crave it the most. It’s no sin if you fall in love again because yes! One can. Everyone deserves to be happy and love can bring an eternity long of happiness just with the mere touch of it. This beautiful feeling can be found again and in forms one never thought could exist.can love happen twice

So yes, love can happen twice, thrice or even more than that but it shall never be misconceived as an open license to go around every day and term it loves. It is the feeling you wanna devour and covet till it enchants your soma and soul making one travel galaxies.can love happen twice
Don’t regret or feel rueful about falling in love again, it’s your life and your decisions and let no man ever hinder the serenity of it. Love, because o’human you’re meant to.
Let love come, savor until one conquers nirvana for there’s beggary in love that can be reckoned and exceeds man’s might.can love happen twice

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