The best methods of quitting smoking


We are all aware of the health risks involved in smoking, but still knowing we aren’t able to quit the habit. Whether you’re smoking in your twenties or you’re smoking for your entire lifetime, quitting the habit can be really challenging. The nicotine present in the cigarette gives a fast a reliable way to give a boost to your outlook, relieve the stress and sooth you mentally. So, quitting cigarette is not an easy job. In order to successfully quit this habit, you not only have to change your behaviour but also have to find better and healthier ways to lift up your mood. You can achieve quitting smoking with the right plan and correct effort and enjoy the life without even thinking twice of having to smoke ever again.


Make a plan

While most of the smokers quit smoking by eating something that they like, most of the others make and stick to a plan. A proper planning helps in the short-term time span of quitting smoking and in the long term of the challenge of the prevention from relapsing. It must also be maintained as per your needs and the smoking habits. There is a word ‘START’ which you can use if you’re trying to quit smoking. The word when elaborated stands like this,

S = Set a date of quitting smoking

T= tell your beloved ones, your co-workers that you’re planning to quit smoking.

A = make a list of the challenges that you will face when you quit smoking

R = remove the cigarettes and other nicotine substances from your vicinity

T = take consult of your doctor

Make a list of your smoking timings

One of the most usable tricks that you can use to quit smoking is to identify the time, the things that trigger you to smoke. Some of the most usual things that force us to smoke are stress, anger, depression, fear, anxiety. When you’re going through a bad day, you smoke to relieve the stress. At that moment it seems to you that cigarette is the only friend. It may feel very pleasing when the time you smoke but you must remember that, in the long run you yourself are ruining your body. So, at that time, when you’re feeling unpleasant, you can do certain things like, exercising, meditating, pranayama, practice simple breathing exercise.

Managing the desires

Avoiding the urge to smoke, can help you in quitting the habit of smoking. But it is not possible to completely avoid the thirst. So, when you’re trying to light up a cigar, remember that the urge will pass out eventually. It also helps in preparing in advance. Having a proper plan for controlling the thirst for smoking will help a lot to give up. here are some methods that you can use while you crave for smoking.

Distract yourself– watch tv, play games, or do some other work when you’re having that thirst for smoking.

Try to remember that why you quit smoking– maintain focus on the reason behind quitting smoking.

Detach yourself from stressful situations– try to avoid any tempting situations. Distract yourself by focusing on something else.

Reward yourself- give yourself a treat. Or you can reward yourself for another way to motivate yourself.

Medication- that is needed

Another way of quitting smoking is by taking medication. If you’re finding the above mentioned methods to be unsuccessful, then you can try medication. You can contact a physician, or you can take certain medicines. Take a consultation with your doctor about the opinions you have about the anti-smoking techniques. Other processes of quitting smoking include using nicotine gum, patch, lozenge, inhaler or even taking nasal spray.

If above mentioned things will not work for you then Just feel this everyday before smoking.
Just Picture yourself dying a painful death from lung cancer and emphysema. and your family is crying for you.

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