Life in Bangalore

life in bangalore

life in bangaloreBangalore, the Garden City and also the Silicon Valley of India, is one of the fastest growing metropolitan in the nation.Life in Bangalore With thousands and thousands of people each year migrating to Bangalore, not just from various parts of India but from all round the globe, the city has been embracing the growing population with its arms wide open offering them a pool of eclectic opportunities to dive in.

One reason why staying in Bangalore is more pleasant than any other metropolitans of India is its climate.Life in BangaloreBangalore experiences a moderate and comfortable atmosphere at almost all times of the year on account of the geography and topography of the city. Besides, Bangalore is famous for its nightlife and beautiful gardens/parks. You only get to live once, make it worth the life! . For all the party lovers, Koramangala and Indiranagar are the ultimate destinations to be at, on the weekends. These streets are lined up with a spread of pubs, clubs , bars, restaurants and food joints which makes Earth a better place to live in and the life a much more enjoyable one. For others who do not party around, there are some scenic parks and gardens like Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, Cubbon Park etc in the city.

Now, all things gorgeous taken care of, let s look into the Roti, kapda aur makaan aspect of the city.Life in BangaloreBeing called as a major IT hub, Bangalore is a home to a large population of IT professionals, who migrate to the city in hopes for a better lifestyle and infrastructure. Every morning, one gets to see a swarm of IT professionals fighting their ways through the traffic striving to reach their offices, so that the nation advances digitally to compete on international grounds. For these fellows, life from Monday to Friday is a 9 to 5 job followed by a long hectic traffic on the way back home thus, leaving them with no zeal thereafter. Bangalore is also an educational hub due to the presence of a swarm of Science, Arts, Engineering and Management colleges like IISc, IIM Bangalore, VTU, NIFT among the others. These educational institutes are known for imparting a high quality education along with personality development of the individuals by allowing them to participate in a number of seminars, exhibitions, competitions and workshops. On weekends, people often plan various getaways to the adjacent towns and hills. Bangalore offers a large variety of options for travellers to explore, such as, Nandi Hills, Horsley Hills, Jog Falls (it is the seventh largest waterfall in Asia), Chikmagalur, Ooty, Mysore etc. Bangalore also houses the Kannada film industry giving birth to many capable artists.

In the strive to achieve a successful life as an IT professional, I moved to Bangalore a few months ago.Life in BangaloreNeedless to say, I am loving the city, the cool and comfortable climate is a major contributor besides a river of career opportunities. However, what disappoints me is the jam- packed traffic especially at office hours along with the ill maintained pedestrians which is full of enormous potholes. These potholes are so annoying that Red FM is running a campaign to repair them across the city. Kudos to the mind behind such initiatives!

All said and done! In short, life in Bangalore is a very pleasant and comfortable one. But, like it s said, Everything comes for a cost , in this case, it would be the time wasted in traffic and also the long distances one would require to travel considering the whopping dissemination of the city. However, there is a prompt availability of public transports like buses and autos, and also cabs by the leading cab hailing-services like Ola and Uber. The city has something in store for every individual and every age. Bangalore has very efficiently managed to form a balance between preserving its culture and still advancing in every sphere like technology, entertainment, literacy and not to forget, westernization which is epidemic in the country since quite some years now. This city escalated itself in a way phoenix rises from the ashes , so successful, advanced, beautiful and yet so magical. I cannot emphasize enough on the beauty of nature and the green covers in and around the city which is growing at a galloping pace thus, taking care of the pollution that comes with an increasing population. Having said all of this, I can assure anyone would fall for this city and the life here!
Life in Bangalore

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